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Original music for Gorogoa, developed by Jason Roberts and published by Annapurna Interactive. Gorogoa’s OST weaves together music crafted for each location in the game into an ambient experience. Featuring a variety of handmade sounds and unconventional themes, each piece is designed to capture the emotions of Gorogoa’s environments and story in ways both unexpected and unique.

OST On Spotify:

Video about the musical structure of Gorogoa:

Apple's Best iPad app of the year, 2018

One of Fact Magazine's 10 best video game scores of 2018

IGN's video review, featuring the credits / finale track from the game:

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2024 / Chicago, IL

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Joel Corelitz

believes technology has a soul and music & sound design are part of the same thing. He creates emotional, design driven scores by fusing music and sound design into a unified audio experience centered around texture and mood.

He also runs Waveplant, an audio consulting agency focused on immersive audio and sonic branding. More ︎︎︎