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Halo Infinite

Composition of the score for Halo Infinite's campaign, and multiplayer modes, and continued compositional support of multiplayer seasons. I also composed the 323 Industries audio logo & Halo’s musical item pickup sounds.

I wouldn’t be a composer if it weren’t for video game music, and I wouldn’t have been exposed to video game music if I hadn’t grown up playing games. And I’ve been playing Halo since the beginning. I’m pretty sure the Halo 2 disc never left my original Xbox once I got it - it’s probably still there! Same thing with Halo 3 on the 360. I remember hearing those iconic themes and being awestruck at how much power the music had in shaping my experience as a player and thinking - “this is what I want to do.” So it’s hard to express in words so many years later what realizing that dream means to me. It feels like coming home - to the genre and series that inspired me to do what I do. I’ve tried to stay true to Halo’s original spirit, while infusing the score with the kinds of rich, complex, electronic sounds I love to work with. I hope my contributions to Halo Infinite’s soundtrack remind fans of Halo’s legacy while taking it into the future.

Campaign Soundtrack on Spotify: 

"Through the Trees", from the OST: 

Multiplayer Season 2 Opening Cinematic:

323 Industries Audio Logo:

8-Bit arrangements of classic Halo Tracks that are in-game as easter eggs: 

Multiplayer Soundtrack on Spotify: 

Score to Cinematic intro to Multiplayer:

Multiplayer Season 2 Opening Cinematic:

Musical Item Stingers:

2024 / Chicago, IL

joel [at] joelcorelitz [dot] comstudio312-436-2161
Joel Corelitz

believes technology has a soul and music & sound design are part of the same thing. He creates emotional, design driven scores by fusing music and sound design into a unified audio experience centered around texture and mood.

He also runs Waveplant, an audio consulting agency focused on immersive audio and sonic branding. More ︎︎︎